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Where possible, we prefer to meet our clients in person.

The advantage of meeting us face-to-face is that in addition to viewing our full range of leather and thread colours, we can discuss your strap design in depth, and subsequently fit the strap to you perfectly. We like to retain the watch to ensure an accurate fit.

This route offers our clients the option to choose a single hole for their strap which is the true sign of a bespoke piece.

Our fitting service is available in various locations in London or we can arrange a home or office visit.

We have successfully supplied numerous straps to remote clients via mail order.

As we cannot fit the strap directly, we supply mail order watch straps with three holes to allow for flexibility. We still prefer to have the watch for a perfect fit.

Watches and straps are returned fully insured by either Royal Mail or courier.

Leather and thread samples can be supplied on request.